The Cull Become Primed & Ready

At the Alpha Prime Tournament 2019 a new look Paul E C, flanked by his heavies Jesper and Niles Lark, had been abusing his power within the company sacking and assaulting wrestler after wrestler to impose his mark on everyone.

During the tournament final four he once again interfered assisting the winner and innaugral Alpha Prime Champion The Bhanglosaxon Naz. With the stable completed the new faction looked to take on the established names within Full Tilt Wrestling and winning even more gold.


Ryan Ace: The Legend Dies

Ryan Ace was an up and coming wrestler at Full Tilt Wrestling. But after suffering a couple of concussions in matches with Coach Adam Christ something had changed within his head.

Forgetting what made Ryan Ace, Ryan Ace a voice within his head took over. At The Big Slam Theory after an overtime iron man match loss to the coach he refused to shake hands with his opponent, accidentally knocking out referee Ryan Wolley. Fighting with the voice in his head Ace assaulted this poor defenceless official eventually concluding with a devastation double chair attack breaking the young mans ankle.

The voice in his head had officially took over and this was the rebirth of the legend.

The Golden Boi Era Begins

Upon announcing that his last match ever will take place at Season 3: Book your cards right, Paul E C was to announce his final opponent. This did not happen as The Golden Boi, Zayne Freeman, jumped the executive director of Full Tilt Wrestling leaving him in a heap. This ignited something within the boss as he announced it would be not only Zayne Freeman as his opponent, not only in a street fight but also the return of The Charva Pauly C.

At Book Your Cards Right the match took place. Each competitor taking it in turns to one up each other with Pauly hitting all his greatest hits on the Golden Boi. Dives to the outside, rammed into the ringposts leading up to The Charva flying through a table to the outside. 


With the crowd eating up all this frantic action and with Pauly looking like he was going to ride off into the sunset victorious Zayne hit a huge low blow in full view of the audience, set up for his patented DDT and spiked him on his hand. 1 2 3! The Golden Boi had ended the career of the The Charva and marked the birth of The Golden Era.

Freeman creates a Wrestling Inception

At the Anarchy Rumble event in November 2019 there was a massive and unique title change that took place during the event.

Earlier in the night Zayne Freeman had battled it out with Nico Narciso in a bout which was not to Zayne’s liking. After a back and forward battle Zayne took his recently patented M.O of low blowing his opponents to lead to his DDT finisher, claiming the victory in once again murky circumstances.

Classic Jack, on the other hand, had a mammoth task on his hand in facing the monster Crator! After taking a battering and taking a lot of punishment Classic Jack managed to overcome these odds and lifting and slamming of the monster, collecting the victory and retaining his Alpha Prime Championship. Following this match Zayne Freeman entered the ring, teasing he would be cashing in his Alpha Prime Title briefcase on his injured and prone prey. Eventually the Golden boi retreated telling Jack he would do this “on his own terms” & “when the time is right”.

To start the Anarchy Rumble off Classic Jack appeared as entrant number 1, taped up to show he had not come out the battle unscathed and it showed as a target to every other entrant within the rumble. Surviving to hear entrant number 22’s entrance theme here came Zayne Freeman. Classic Jack emptying the ring in preparation. Zayne instantly took the upper hand, clocking Jack in the head with his briefcase before demanding a referee enters the ring as he is cashing in the opportunity. Low Blow & DDT later Zyne Freeman had become the Alpha Prime Champion amidst another match to determine the FTW World Champion. Once again The Golden Boi had stolen the show.


Shreddy-Breks from the norm and defects to the Sovereignty @ Shots Fired

After Sam Ruiz defection to the new team Milton was declared unfit to compete in a six man tag match and was allowed to pick the partner for Crashboat at the discretion of Pauly C.

He decided to get the biggest, the most jacked and one half of England’s hardest men he could find, announcing the arrival of Shreddybrek. The fan favourites took the majority of the opening exchanges and the battle then became a back and forth with the Sovereignty finding their feet and beating down Crashboat. Towards the end of the match Jake Silver had managed to get a moment of reprieve as he reached out to tag in Shreddy.

He rejects a tag, drops off the apron. Stealing Milton’s helicopter hat he goes over to the opposite corner and attack Jack Bandicoot, then returns to his corner to attacks Milton, finishes Crashboat to gift the win to the Sovereignty, joining the faction in the process. Milton becomes the target of the assault reinjuring his broken ankle and damaged leg. This major faction just got a whole lot bigger, badder and better.


 When Pauly entered the arena he announced that the opponent, to Micky’s horror and shock, was the Monster Crator.

After taking control early on Limerick outsmarted Crator and took over, using his power and strength. Upon defeating his opponent Micky Limerick started berating and calling out Pauly once again. When Pauly rebuffed these Micky turned to the audience. Grabbing Pauly’s husband he man handled him into the ring and was about to attack him when another family member, Pauly C’s brother entered to stop him. Micky turned and with a  glare in his eyes grabbed him and set him up for the piledriver.

To his dismay Pauly did not make it to his brother in time and Micky drover the family member’s head into the ring mat. Deserting the scene instantly Micky looked back at his handy work at the curtain as everyone from the locker room, Pauly’s family and Pauly himself tended to the wreckage that Limerick had laid waste too.

Micky limerick piledrives his point home


With the issues intensifying between Micky Limerick and Executive Director Pauly C it was announced that at Season 4 Episode 3: The Admiral Lord Mountevans Spectacular Micky Limerick would be facing an opponent of Pauly’s choice. Micky made his way to the ring and berated Pauly, calling him out and claiming he would be too much of a coward to face him himself and that he would embarrass him in front of his family on this night



Samuel “smartens” up and ditches his crutch

After an awesomely fought match with Ryan Ace, in which Sam won, Milton takes to the mic to congratulate his tag team partner and to provide an update on his condition.

He tells the audience he is sorry for once again losing the tag titles as he is injured and that they will win the titles again. He thanks Samuel for standing by his side and promotes how good of a competitor Samuel is on his own.

Sovereignty enter the arena and the geeks stand side by side ready for the attack. Upon the evil doers circling the ring Sam whacks Milton from behind with one of his crutches. With the rest of the Sovereignty in the ring, Sam continues the assault stomping on the back of his former team mates head. He turns to Davenport and accepts the armband, joining the faction as its first defector.

sam photo card.jpg

jay burgess
may 2020