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Whenever people discuss the wild & wonderful world of wrestling, with its many facets and storylines, there is always one overriding subject that dominates each & every promotion around the Earth - the world championship and the roster of talent fighting to earn the coveted title & to be the face of the company.


After all, what is a company without a world champion? A performer to stand atop of the mountain and be the standard bearer? A target for the roster to aim for and try to defeat? Why, it’s like a king without a crown - an unelected individual to reign over the population.


However, let’s leave such a touchy subject out of the conversation because, like all good things in this world, professional wrestling is a welcoming environment for all with no need for political discharge/debate and so, we can focus on the delightful poetry that happens within the ring.


So, join me as we delve into the history of the Full Tilt Wrestling Heavyweight Title!

The first step on our storied journey takes us to the early days of FTW, all the way back in November 2018 (Saturday, 10th November to be precise, but let’s not be pedantic here!). On this chilly Tyneside weekend, we saw the coronation of Curtis Reid as the inaugural Heavyweight Champion of Full Tilt Wrestling! The dearest Mr Reid accomplished this feat by defeating Amir Jordan & NAZ in a triple threat main event.


Reid would hold onto the title and have a successful defence against Loco Ryder before losing to Chuck Mambo on the 26th January 2019 (at the Wrestling Is Coming event), ending his reign at 77 days. These days, Reid seems to be inactive on the scene, last social media posts seem to have been around October 2019. Although, Reid would be in the Anarchy Royal Rumble in November 2019, so perhaps Mr Reid just doesn’t enjoy social media.

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Pauly C would hold onto the title until the 18th May 2019 (FTW All Stars) when the Scouse Psycho, Sean Only, defeated the crooked Director for the belt. This match had the stipulation that Pauly C could not restart the match if things weren’t going his way.


However, like every good villain, the malevolent Director had a back up plan. Pauly C declared that, for the next 30 minutes, the Heavyweight title would have 24/7 rules applied to it. This declaration ended up with the Director beating Sean Only to regain the belt, making Pauly C the first 2 time Heavyweight Champion of Full Tilt Wrestling.


The evil elation would be short lived though, as, before the 30 minute time limit expired, everyone’s favourite vodka enthusiast entered the ring. The one and only - Boris Koslov! Big Boris would end up making short work of the menace that is Executive Director, Pauly C. This would actually be the second time Koslov & Pauly C would trade titles - who could forget their Flame of the Future title matches?!


The kvass sipping, borscht supping, cyrillic utilising Slavic Soldier (that’s Boris Koslov to you western souls!) would hold onto the title until the 2nd November 2019 (The Anarchy Royal Rumble). Koslov would drop the belt to the inaugural champion, Curtis Reid! Reid would join Pauly C in that exclusive club of 2 time champions - albeit, Reid was less devious in his methods.

Chuck Mambo, a regular on the south coast and a Progress Projo alumni, would hold the title until the 1st April 2019. However, his reign would end at 65 days when he would be stripped of the belt due to being unable to defend the Heavyweight title.


It wouldn’t be until the 20th April (19 whole ruddy days!) when we would gain a new champion in Jack Sexsmith after he defeated TK Cooper for the vacant title. Alas, this victory would be bittersweet as Pauly C would enter the ring and, abusing his power as Executive Director of FTW, would declare an impromptu match between himself & Sexsmith right there and then (that pesky swine!). The Executive Director would end up beating Sexsmith and crowning himself as Heavyweight Champion.

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Reid’s second reign was not to last long, as a participant from the Rumble was hiding under the ring. This participant would end up dethroning the newly anointed champion. This participant would become the new Heavyweight Champion of Full Tilt Wrestling. This participant would be Oscar Lee.


This new champion, the new face of the company, the beacon of FTW would defend his championship against Micky Limerick (Welcome To The Sovereign State), Adam Foster & Nathan Byrne (both at The Admiral-Lord Mountevans Spectacular). The sky's the limit for Lee and, COVID-19 lockdown aside, this talented performer has huge potential to become the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in the history of Full Tilt Wrestling.


Louis-Anton Green