Whether he’s Boogie Knights, The Twisted Messiah or The Coach, Adam Christ has had a
varied career over the past 17 years. Making his debut in 2003 in a gauntlet match
challenging for the IWF championship, under the moniker of Boogie Knights, Adam would
parody other wrestlers in the ring such as: Hulk Hogan, Al Snow and Dude Love respectively,
but Adam himself admitted the most fun he had was when he parodied The Sandman and

During this time, with a long flowing mullet and bright colourful attire, he would endear
himself to the fans of IWF as he would consistently entertain the crowd during his fledgling
years as a professional wrestler.

Not only would he please the crowd with his entertaining antics but he would also show a
level of self-sacrifice and reckless abandon the likes of which had not been seen in the North
East. Having been a huge fan of ECW from a very young age the chaotic and exciting nature
of the product heavily influenced his in-ring style, inspired by the likes of hardcore legends
Sabu and Sandman, Boogie would throw caution to the wind and put his body on the line to
entertain the fans in attendance. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and
the future of Adam Christ was starting to look twisted…

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When his time as Boogie Knights came to an end Adam yearned for a drastic change. Having spent most of his time being perceived as a comedy wrestler, he decided to “do something as far away from what I’d done before”, thus ‘The Twisted Messiah’ Adam Christ was born.

Taking his love of ECW and hardcore wrestling to the extreme, Adam would begin dishing
out as much damage as he would receive, making his name as an ultra-violent competitor.

During this time Adam portrayed a more violent, angry and sadistic character participating
in countless hardcore matches putting both himself and his opponents through
unimaginable pain.

As well as forging a reputation as one of the most violent wrestlers in the North East scene,
Christ also enjoyed a lot of championship success as he won the IWF Heavyweight and Tag Team championships on several occasions with long time tag partner and friend The Flower Child.

In Full Tilt Wrestling he also enjoyed success as the Heavyweight and Hardcore
Champion, he even held both titles simultaneously. During his Hardcore Championship reign
‘The Twisted Messiah’ was crowned the ‘King of Hardcore’, a moniker he earned with his
blood, sweat and tears. His time as FTW’s Hardcore Champion was put to the test in his
classic and gory feud against Chris Renfrew. All of this solidified Adam Christ, in blood and
gold, as one of the more decorated competitors in the North East.
Another career highlight took place in 2015, at MEW Anarchy in Ashington, Adam Christ
wrestled one of his biggest inspirations and personal hero, ‘The Homicidal, Suicidal,

Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac’ Sabu in a triple threat match. This marked a career
milestone having admired and respected Sabu for a long time, despite the match being a
losing effort, he felt extremely privileged being able to share the ring with such an icon of
professional wrestling.


Following this trilogy Adam would find himself competing against some of the biggest
names in British wrestling such as: Johnny Storm, TK Cooper and Lana Austin to name a few.
During this time Adam was having classic after classic, racking up a whopping 3 Match of the
Year nominations at the 2019 FTW Awards for his battles against Big F’n Joe, Johnny Storm
and Ryan Ace. It is this consistency which has Adam Christ so highly regarded and respected
at FTW.

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When Full Tilt Wrestling relaunched and rebranded in 2018 following the promotion of ‘The Charva MC’ Pauly C as the companies Executive Director, Adam Christ chose to do the same.

Gone were the days of ‘The Twisted Messiah’ as Adam ushered in the era of ‘The Head
Coach’. Art imitated life with this character as Adam was one of the coaches of the
rejuvenated FTW Academy. The transition to ‘The Head Coach’ character was relatively
smooth for Adam having felt like he had matured past the angry, gothic ‘Twisted Messiah’,
he did however struggle to find his footing in the actual coaching job at the academy. Having
to meet and teach so many new faces was a daunting task at first, but week by week he has
learned along with the students and has been instrumental in the early careers of many
fresh new talents in the North East.

Adam even had a several month feud with one of the students he mentored, ‘The Legend’
Ryan Ace. The Christ vs. Ace trilogy took place over the course of three FTW shows and with
the rivals tied at 1-1 this feud culminated in a 20-minute Ironman match which saw the
mentor overcome his student in overtime as neither man could conquer their opponent in
the allotted 20-minute time limit. It would, however, be this loss that caused Ace to snap
and let his aggression loose on the referee after the match.


Recently we have been introduced to yet another side of Adam Christ, the commentator.
Taking up the duties as the play-by-play commentator alongside FTW’s Assistant Director
Jake Gray, a role he has taken to like a duck to water. Being able to showcase his vast
wrestling knowledge whilst calling the matches has came natural to him and having Jake
there to bounce of makes his job extremely fun. His favourite part of the new role is being
able to “see everyone performing” and see the growth of FTW first hand knowing how much
of an influence he has had in this evolution of Full Tilt Wrestling.
From Boogie Knights to ‘The Twisted Messiah’, from ‘The Head Coach’ to the play-by-play
guy, Adam Christ has had an influence over the North East wrestling scene for over a decade

and a half, as a performer, a trainer and a commentator, an influence that will be felt for
many years to come.

Jake Freeman